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Benefits of Becoming VIP

When you become a part of P&A Property Sourcing’s exclusive VIP community, you will immediately gain access to Quantum Cash Flow Booster Packages and other benefits listed below.

Discounted Sourcing Fee

You’ll get an instant 5% discount on our sourcing fees, which can help you save over £300.

24HR Exclusivity

You will receive the latest deals 24 hours prior we share them further with our ‘basic’ investors.

Access to Quantum Cash Flow Booster Packages

You’ll get special access to our Quantum 3 and Quantum 5 cash flow booster packages to increase your cash flow, as well as gaining additional services to reduce your costs.

Fully Hands-off Management

We’ll handle the setup of your luxury serviced apartment to a standard that attracts the desired tenants. Our team will handle everything so this will all be completely hands-off management for you.

Bespoke Service

As an exclusive VIP investor, you’ll not only get excellent support for your desired investment strategy, but also property deals tailored specifically to you.

Fully Analysed Deals

We guarantee that your property deals will be fully analysed so we can share the deals that will work for you the most.

Become a part of our exclusive VIP community.

Explore Our VIP Packages

Choose one of the Quantum Packages below that aligns with your needs and relish the exclusive benefits of becoming a VIP Investor with P&A Property Sourcing.

Quantum Lite

£ 600 Inclusive VAT
  • Sourcing Fees: 5% Off
  • All Inclusive Full Hands Off Package
  • 24HR Exclusivity
  • No Discount on Management Fees
  • No Deals Included

Quantum 3

£ 10,320 Inclusive VAT
  • All Features of Quantum Lite
  • 3 Deals Included
  • Sourcing Fees: 10% Off
  • No Discount on Management Fees
  • Total Savings : £1,080

Quantum 5

£ 15,900 Inclusive VAT
  • All Features of Quantum Lite
  • 5 Deals Included
  • Sourcing Fees: 15% Off
  • Management Fees: 2% Off
  • Total Savings : £2,700

Quantum 10

£ 29,400 Inclusive VAT
  • All Features of Quantum Lite
  • 10 Deals Included
  • Sourcing Fees: 20% Off
  • Management Fees: 3% Off
  • Total Savings : £7,200

Estimated Investments and Profits

With high profit margins, you can accomplish your passive income goals. Achieve your break-even point within 6-10 months, then start earning profits like you imagined.


1 Bed Revenue: £2200


2 Bed Revenue: £2600+


3 Bed Revenue: £3000+

R2SA Transformation Before and After Videos and Images

Our dedication to delivering the best investment experience for our VIP clients means we also add value to the properties we take over. We’ve transformed multiple dated, run-down apartments into luxury SAs. Have a look at some of our property transformations:


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Private Landlord From Birmingham


Private Investors From Birmingham

Ms Correy

BRR/BTL Investor From Hong Kong

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