Learn about Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme in Birmingham

If you’re a vendor or landlord tired of finding and dealing with tenants for your property, get in touch with P&A Property Sourcing Ltd. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we’re the answer to all of your property letting issues. By offering guaranteed rent for up to five years and a refurbishment of your property if required, we’re able to provide a hassle-free service to clients across the West Midlands.

There are no voids or maintenance works to worry about either, as we take care of it all. We keep your property in excellent condition and work to high standards to look after it professionally.

Information for Agents

If you’re an agent experiencing the same problems or you simply want to outsource some work, get in touch! We can work with you to take some of the pressure off, such as:

Important Information For Agents!

  • No AST issues anymore!

  • No hassle with tenants!

  • No voids as we guarantee the rent!

  • No maintainance, unless you want it, we take care of everything.

  • No pictures, advertaising , finding tenants we take multiple units!

  • No rundown property anymore as we create luxury environment and maintaining it during the whole period!


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