Benefits Of Guaranteed Rent Scheme for Landlords in 2022

The guaranteed rent scheme has been an innovative solution for landlords to earn steady money without any external circumstances stirring things up. It is a convenient and hassle-free measure set in place for landlords across the UK. All you need is the right agency, and like any flourishing partnership, together, you will benefit from making the right choices in the property landscape. 

The guaranteed rent income scheme has been working well for many years and has been set in place to safeguard the interests of landlords. 

No more stressing over late rents coming in! You get your one and done and coverage for everything.  

Few business modules are as efficient and dependable for a steady income as a guaranteed rent scheme. It’s just the ticket for many landlords in the UK. In this module, the landlord has no direct relationship with the tenant, the management agency facilitates the payments regardless the property is vacant or occupied.  

The benefits are numerous and here within we’ve compiled all the plus points of guaranteed rent that are vital for any landlord to be aware of. 

Get Paid on Time  

It doesn’t matter if your property is occupied by a tenant or not, you will receive your rent each month on a stipulated day agreed mutually by both the entities.  


Transparency in all your dealings is crucial. The property investment company will make sure that you don’t pay anything extra. It’s all covered.  

Zero Agency Fees 

You don’t have to pay high brokerage fees to get your property rented out. It’s all included in the contract. When you strike up the guaranteed rent agreement with us, we will rent out the property as if it’s their own as their interests are mutually tied up to yours. 

Regular Inspections for Maintenance 

We know just how important it is to keep your guaranteed rental property in top condition. During the inspection, checks are done to keep the property in proper shape. 

Here are top 10 Benefits of Landlord Guaranteed Rent Scheme in 2022 

  1. You get rent above the market value.
  2. You get rent on the same day every month, guaranteed.
  3. All damage and repair bills are covered by us.
  4. No commission or set-up fee charged or any hidden costs.
  5. We choose and select suitable tenants we can trust.
  6. A fully-managed property service as part of the contract.
  7. No extra charges or fees, even for evictions.
  8. Peace of mind because you will be paid no matter what.
  9. You pay zero agency fees.

You can learn more about Guaranteed Rent Scheme by clicking here Pros & Cons of Guaranteed Rent Scheme for landlords in UK.


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