15 Benefits of Guaranteed Rent in Birmingham – Profitable Income for You!

Over the years Birmingham has acquired a respectable reputation as being a city centre of modern lifestyles, prime locations and a hub of economic progress. Known as ‘The City of a 1000 Trades’, Birmingham’s got all the trimmings that fit the bill for spot-on property investment. The area is popular amongst first time home buyers and business owners looking to invest.

In fact, a lot of foreign savings get pumped into Birmingham real estate as property investment is one of the most reliable ways to use your disposable income and savings to accumulate high profits. To take that a step further, the guaranteed rent strategy of property investment is the safest and most beneficial choice for landowners to receive a steady income on their property. 

The benefits are numerous and herewithin we’ve compiled all the plus points of guaranteed rent that is vital for any landowner to be aware of.

1. Continuous Money in the throughout the Term of Agreement

In Birmingham, the property investors take stock of everything in your home to ensure that everything is as it should be and when you strike up the guaranteed rent agreement, it doesn’t matter if the property is lying vacant or not you receive payment every month for the duration of your agreement. This is legal, binding and upheld honestly.

The best property agents will provide these services to you for free to help you get that extra bang for your buck!

  • Guaranteed Rent up to 10 years ✅ You pay – £0
  • Maintenance Fees ✅ You pay – £0
  • Management Expenses: ✅ You pay – £0
  • Hygiene and Upkeep ✅ You pay – £0
  • Tenant Hunt ✅ – You pay – £0
  • Administrative Fees ✅ – You pay – £0

2. Late Rents are a Thing of the Past

When you opt for the guaranteed rent strategy of income generation, you’ll be paid on time every month. It doesn’t matter if your property is occupied by a tenant or not, your property agency will make good on your contract and pay you out automatically each and every month on a stipulated day agreed mutually by the two of you.

3. No Hidden Costs

Transparency in all your dealings is crucial. To that end goal, the property agencies make sure that you don’t pay anything extra. It’s all covered. 

  • Property Tax
  • Council Tax
  • Insurance for Repairs and Damages
  • Eviction Court Cases (a safety measure just in case it comes to that)
  • Utility Bills
  • Maintenance Fees

You deserve a reliable and well reputed organisation to take care of your property, so in exchange for your agreement, agencies take care of everything else for you.

4. Trustworthy Property Management Teams

Investing in property turns profits as soon as 1 week, and with the right brokers to help you out you can start earning as soon as you invest in your first property. 

It costs nothing to set up the guaranteed rent contract and there are no fees for tenant placements either. It’s a win-win situation for landlords. So if you are planning to invest in property and make money immediately without dealing with all the complications of being a new land owner, then guaranteed rent is definitely for you.

 5.Safest form of Passive Income

Fluctuating market rates will not affect you.There is no need to worry about void periods as even if your property is vacant or tenants have not paid their rent, guaranteed rent means that your agency will still pay you. Secure regular income by working with experienced property firms in Birmingham.

6.Providing a Safe Haven to your Community

By choosing this module of contract, you will actively be offering clean and reliable living spaces for people who are in the most need of them. 

Property agencies in Birmingham have tie-ups with college administratives for students, corporates to house their new recruits, travelling companies and even hospitals so that anyone in need of a home on a temporary or permanent basis can occupy your space comfortably. The guaranteed rent income scheme has been working well for the last 40 years and has been set in place to safeguard the interests of your property.

7. Zero Agency Fees

You don’t have to pay high brokerage fees to get your property rented out. It’s all included in the contract. Agencies whom you strike up the guaranteed rent agreement with, will rent out the property as if it’s their own as their interests are mutually tied up to yours. So they’ve set up so many conveniences in place so that when you hand your home over, it’s going to be well cared for.

8. Reliable Middlemen

When you trust a property agency to handle the rent-outs on your home, all the site viewings and tenants are interviewed by the agency’s brokers on your behalf. Wave goodbye to time consuming tenants, bounced checks and mounds of paperwork. See ya later, paper!

9. Regular inspections

We know just how important it is to keep your guaranteed rental property in top condition. This is why monthly inspections are done on all the properties which tie up with the agency. During the inspection, checks are done whether the tenant is abiding to the tenant agreement and keeping your property in a good condition. Inspection reports are then sent out to keep landowners in the loop.

10. Insurance for Wear and Tear

All the best agencies cover damages with their insurance policies. Rest assured that your property is returned back to its original condition when the occupants move out. If the interior of your property is damaged, you won’t be the one to take a financial punch in the gut. Good property management companies in Birmingham like P&A Property Sourcing, Cash Flow with Property and Pluxa will ensure any damages are fixed or replaced, preventing you from financial losses. Yes, you can breathe that sigh of relief out. Phew!

11. Quick and Easy Processes

The guaranteed rent scheme has been an innovative solution for landowners to earn money from real estate without any external circumstances stirring things up. It is convenient and hassle-free. All you need is the right agency and like any flourishing partnership, together you will benefit from making the right choices in the property landscape.

If you are planning to invest in Birmingham real estate, look no further than P&A Property Sourcing as we are experts in property dealings. This is backed by a lot of goodwill from our community and +10 years of hands-on experience. 

12. Profit on Property of Any Size/Location in Birmingham

With a wide selection of different types of properties available in every nook and corner of Birmingham, there is something for everybody. Low market rates will not affect you as the guaranteed rent is a hassle-free solution to leasing out your space in the right hands. 

Get yourself educated in more detail with the practical aspect of how it will be.

13. Reduced Financial Risks

No more stressing over late rents coming in! You get your one and done and coverage for everything. 

14. Advantageous Compensations

The biggest selling point of the area is it has one of the most successful town centres in the whole of UK and you’ll get your assured rent and you can even yield high returns in case you think of selling 5 years down the line.

15. An Amazing Business Module

There are few business modules that are so efficient and dependable for a steady income and guaranteed rent income is just the ticket for many property owners. Nowadays more business owners and investors are looking at this module as a preferred form of revenue generation.

P&A has actively been helping people make profitable incomes on property. Our team is on the up and up in the property scene with the best network in town, and we’ll help you turn profits in renting, selling, letting, sub-letting – the works! Whatever you need, we’re with you every step of the way. So get in touch and we’ll work out a unique solution for you. 


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